So what now?

Has the adult you ever looked into a mirror and thought, " I hoped I'd be more by now?" If so, believe me, you are not alone,

Now, more than ever with the unprecedented uncertainty in our world, people are questioning their lives, achievements and ultimately their "why".

For many people the radical change in our way of life that has come about due to COVID, has caused massive anxiety and stress. Loss of income and job security has an immense impact on our perception of how much control we have over our lives. It is so easy to fall into the trap of downward, negative thinking and hopelessness.

Some people though have thrived on the fact that they have been able to spend more time at home with their families, doing things that "normal" life just never allows. Some of my clients have been working from home and have found they can be more productive and are so much happier managing their own time.

With confusing signs about how we can safely emerge from lockdown, we are hearing the phrase, "a new normal" more and more.

So, could this be the time that you start to take control of you future and tell your reflection that you can and will be more?

You are awesome and you've got this. Now get out there and show the World that fears and uncertainty can't hold you back from being the completely amazing person you were born to be!

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